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July 16 204 – January 16 2005

Congratulations, Wayne, staff and In Bloom Again..

The Kent’s and Kolbs would like you to know that you have been award #1 vendor of the year. On July 16 2004 Julia Kent and Ben K Were married amidst one of the most beautiful moments in the history of marriage. Over fifteen renowned businesses contributed to the success. However, after a period of discernment, we all agreed it was your service and your product that crated the atmosphere, enhanced the beauty, and captured the three attributes Julia and Ben declared the most important.. Contemporary, festive, and elegant

“ The beauty and consistency of top quality work from the men’s boutonnieres to the elaborate food and table arrangements were remarkable”

“ the detail and delicacy of each piece was obviously a work of pride”

“The transformation of the church, a magnificent blend of contemporary and elegance was a result of planning, depth of understanding and creative geniuses.”

“ the uniqueness of the various arrangements from the brides flowers, the mother-of-the-brides corsages, to the cool crisp surreal colors of the church flowers as a work of wonder.:

When the father of the bride stated, he… would have paid double for this aspect of the wedding that said it all.

Thanks, IN bloom again. As we appreciate your professionalism, while making a dream come true.

The Kent’s and the Kolb’s


"Special Event"